Ray of Sun connects Dutch and Chinese companies and is able to represent both cultures.
Building bridges between the two.

Ray of Sun

  • is your link between Dutch and Chinese companies
  • builds bridges in business and culture
  • making business aspects and cultural aspects undoubtedly intensify each other

Ray of Sun offers a wide range of services for various business disciplines:

  • Matchmaking: establishes initial contact between demand and supply
  • Intermediary: supports new and existing relationships in collaboration and communication
  • Project management: supervision and implementation of different phases and monitoring of project progress.
  • Communication: provides a good communication in English, Dutch and Chinese
  • Procurement and sales consultancy:
    1. Dutch companies and Chinese manufacturers
    2. Chinese companies who focus on the European market
  • Sourcing assists finding new resources for your production

Please, feel free to call or email us for more information:
T: 023 - 53 72 629
M: 06 - 20 46 15 47
E: info@rayofsun.nl